Welcome to the York Food Poverty Alliance!

York Food Poverty Alliance works with groups, organisations and individuals in York to strengthen their ability to reduce food poverty and tackle its root causes.

We also show people where food is available in York: For the next TWO WEEKs’ Holiday Food & Activity clubs, look no further than this long list!

Holiday food+activity timetable-EASTER

Download the Holiday food+activity leaflet_Easter2019 to print & advertise where you can. Thank-you 🙂



There are over 37 different organisations working with people in York to improve access to food. You can find out who they are and where they are on the map below, and a Pocket-sized paper-map is coming soon!

Map of community food around York

Get in touch if you would like to get involved and please do check out the projects we’re working on right now.

YFCF food bank 4