End Hunger Campaign: Updates

Thanks to everyone who has helped build support for EndHunger UK’s petition to Fix Universal Credit – 18,378 signatures! Read their letter to supporters about this:-

2nd November 2018

What’s being done to “Fix Universal Credit!”

Dear food poverty campaigners,

This week’s budget reflected all the campaigning that you and others have been doing on Universal Credit, so thank you, and well done. Many people on low incomes will have more money in their pockets that they would have done otherwise.

However, the changes that were announced are only the tip of the iceberg of what must be done to fix Universal Credit. Most people will still have to wait 5 weeks before they receive any money. And for another year, the 60% of people who have to get advance loans so they can afford to pay rent and feed their families will have to pay them back at 40% of their benefits, which will leave them with even less to live on. 

Evidence shows that Universal Credit is pushing people into food poverty: Trussell Trust foodbanks have seen demand rise four times faster in areas that have had Universal Credit for a year, in comparison to those that have not.

So we will keep the pressure on! On 7 November we will deliver our petition to Downing Street, spelling out what still needs to be done to Fix Universal Credit so that it doesn’t make more people  go hungry. And we’ll be getting back to you with more campaigning actions after we have handed in the petition.

With very best wishes, Annie Connolly
Interim Campaign Manager, End Hunger UK (Photocredit: UK Parliament/Jessica Taylor)

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