About us

The York Food Justice Alliance (YFJA) is a cross-sector group working in York to better understand and tackle food poverty. YFJA is part of Good Food York.

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The following principles are at the foundation of everything YFJA does:

  1. YFJA recognises that food poverty is the result of a complex set of structural issues relating but not restricted to problems of insecure, inadequate and expensive housing, insecure and low paid employment, insufficient social welfare provision, poor health, and an environmentally unsustainable and socially unjust food production and distribution system. We, therefore, acknowledge the need for structural change in society.
  2. We recognise the importance of nutritious food and wellbeing — YFJA recognises that growing food, taking food beyond the cash economy and connecting with nature contributes to individual and community health and provides space for wider civic engagement.
  3. We recognise the complexity of food need – YFJA recognises that food poverty almost always presents as one amongst a set of needs.


The following aims underpin our research, campaigning and development work:

  1. Reduce the need for food aid provision by identifying and raising awareness about the systemic drivers of food poverty, improving access to advice services and ensuring those eligible for financial support are in receipt of it.
  2. Give people the skills and confidence to challenge food poverty in their area.
  3. Ensure existing community support is inclusive, supportive, social and well-coordinated across the city.
  4. Encourage community food organisations to take on advocacy roles as well as linking to advocacy organisations targeting national policy change to alleviate poverty.
  5. Ensure children in York are fed during term time and in school holidays.
  6. Involve experts by experience in YFJA’s work.
  7. Ensure the long-term sustainability of YFJA’s work by securing funding and community support.
  8. Develop a regional network to tackle food poverty in Yorkshire by collaborating and establishing formal connections with local food poverty alliances.

York Food Poverty Alliance Members

The following groups and organisations are part of YFJA

  • Bellfarm Community Centre
  • Chill in the Community
  • Church Action on Poverty
  • Citizens Advice York
  • City of York Council
  • Community at Tesco (Askham Bar and Clifton Moor, York)
  • Good Food York
  • Joseph Rowntree Foundation
  • Planet Food Cafe
  • Red Tower CIC
  • Tang Hall Big Local
  • Tang Hall Community Centre
  • University of York
  • York Foodbank