Extra help

Free School Meals

Your child/children might be able to get Free School Meals if you are on a low-income. Find out here.

About 15% of primary school children in York do receive Free School Meals beyond the universal free meals provided until the end of Year 2.

Special diets? Are you worried your child’s/family’s dietary needs might not be catered for at school? Read this Metro article about how a family won their campaign for getting free vegan school meals at their school.

Healthy Start Vouchers

Are you pregnant or have little ones and are struggling to afford essential food and/or milk?  1 out of 3 women who could claim vouchers isn’t doing it so! Find out if you can  – here’s information on Healthy Start Vouchers. 

“Women who are at least 10 weeks pregnant or who have a child under the age of four can get one or more vouchers worth £3.10 a week to spend on nutritious foods at participating stores. The vouchers are available to any woman who receives benefits such as Universal Credit, income support or job-seeker’s allowance, or who lives in a home where someone does.” (Ref: Guardian article.)